Dawn Redwood Fusion Update

This is the Dawn Redwood 1 month after assembly. Lots of buds have popped and branches are beginning to grow.


2 Responses to “Dawn Redwood Fusion Update”

  1. I like the dawn redwood. Its shape is very reminiscent of the mature dawn redwoods I have seen at the National Arboretum.

    I think it might be worthwhile to remove the side-branches, leaving only the ones near the top. The side-branches encourage the whips to thicken more quickly at the base, but might draw energy away from the tops, interfering with their ability to fuse higher up. We like a stand-alone bonsai to develop taper, but a fused-trunk bonsai develops best if each whip thickens uniformly along its length. Does that make sense? I don’t think there will be any problem getting a dawn redwood to sprout side-branches later on.

    • The top of my Trident Maple fusion is really struggling. It could be the shock of taking a week to assemble or maybe removing all the branches from bottom to top or maybe a combination of both. The Meta is very strong from bottom to top. In fact the top now has 18 inch branches. Maybe too strong. There is an unusual characteristic about Metas in that if the bottom branches are left alone the base of the trunk gets very gnarly and if they are removed too soon the tree will look like a phone pole sticking in the ground. I don’t know if this will transfer to bonsai but I will leave all lower branches on as long as I can.

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