Japanese Maple “Seiryu” update

Seiryuautumn This Seiryu autumn color is much more vivid than the parent tree. I am excited to see how it progresses.

Seiryu1 As you can see it is still a clump and no fusion has taken place. I really did not expect to see any fusion the first year. Japanese maples are slow growers and the additional competition from sibling seedlings slows the growth even more. Probably not the best species choice for this technique but I am hopeful next year will see better growth. I have about 50 seedlings growing in individual pots that are about double the size of these because they had no competition for resources. I will probably not try to fuse seedlings directly as transplants again because they really need a year to develop a good strong root system first. One year old stock seems to be the best choice.

Seiryu2 Next spring I will tie up the loose whips and begin shaping the trunk.

Have fun!

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