Updates for Chinese Quince and Japanese Maple

Quince1 Last year instead of potting up Chinese Quince seedlings to grow for a year I attached them directly to a frame. Since they were only a few inches tall I could only attach them at the bottom of the frame. After one year of growth they are ready to be fully attached to the frame. As you can see I planted this project in the ground and dug it up so I could work standing up. A lot easier than crawling on the ground. Also notice that I planted on a red plastic tile to force the roots to grow laterally instead of straight down. The tile also made it easier to dig up.

Quince2 Here is they tree after I tied it to the frame. There are lots of gaps here so it will take a few years to fill in and close the gaps. The apex is about 6 inches tall. This method of assembly is probably not as good as using 1 year old whips that have established root systems. I potted about 40 seedlings and they have grown much quicker, some as tall as 3 feet. I will assemble those in the next week or two.

Japanesemaple1 Here are the Japanese Maple seedlings that I attached to a frame last year just like the Chinese Quince above.

Japanesemaple2 Here they are after being tied to the frame. The apex is 6 inches tall. These seedlings grew about the same rate as the 40 seedlings I potted up. I will assemble those soon after the Chinese Quince.

I don’t think I will use this assembly method again. It seems to offer no advantage over waiting a year for seedlings to grow. Attaching individual seedlings is easier and they can be pulled together tighter with smaller gaps between the seedlings.

I will keep trying to tweek the assembly process on all my projects to learn and share with you.

Have fun!

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