My uncle Pete has reached the phase where you stop saying “I really like this tree” and start saying “Damn this thing is getting heavy”. Pete has 55 bonsai and hundreds of pre bonsai in his yard. That’s a lot of trees to maintain and I finally convinced him to let a few go. Here are 2 trees that have the potential to be special trees with a little refinement.

Bald Cypress1 Bald Cypress $650

Age 38 years old

Grown in pot since 1977

In training since 1983

Height 36 inches

Trunk diameter 5 + inches

Chinese pot 23 inches X 18 inches

This tree is a real bargain considering that the pot alone is worth over $300.

Bald Cypress2 Rear view

Bald Cypress3 Trunk diameter 5 + inches

Bald Cypress4 Height 36 inches

Bald Cypress5 Nebari

Japanese Maple1 Japanese Maple $350

Age 40 years old

Grown from seed 1973

In training since 1977

Height 22 inches

Trunk diameter 2 inches

Japanese pot 15 inches X 10 inches

You don’t find 40 year old Japanese Maples at this price anywhere.

Japanese Maple2 Rear view

Japanese Maple3 Possible new front

If you have interest or questions about these trees contact me (see sidebar) and I will forward the information to Pete.

Have fun!

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  1. Wish I was closer to be able to purchase one

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