A Tale of Two Fusions update

DSC03512 My friend Will just sent a few pics of his Trident Maple trunk fusion. This pic is from 2012 and shows the removal of two large branches.

DSC03516 Will sealed the cuts with a tree sealer. Notice the one little seedling in the middle. All the growth has bypassed this poor little seedling. Not to worry though, time will change that.

DSC00062 Fast forward to spring 2014. Trunk fusion is complete so Will removed the Trident from the ground and pruned the roots back hard. Trident Maples don’t mind hard root pruning.

DSC00065 View from another side. The wounds have healed pretty good on this side. The taper is a little lost on this side.

DSC00067 I would probably choose this side as the front. The taper from this view is the best.


Great nebari!


This tree is probably 6 feet tall now and a lot of reducing will need to be done over the next few years.


It looks like Will used pumice with a little pine bark as his potting mix.


The tree currently in it’s temporary home.

Have fun!


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