Billy Goat Trail

IMG_0105 Today was my off day at work and I needed to get out and get some exercise so I put on my boots and jacket and headed out to hike Billy Goat Trail. I try to get here a few times a year to hike this short but aptly named trail. The Trail is sandwiched between the Potomac river and the C & O canal just 5 miles west of Washington, D.C..

The terrain is rocky with lots of boulders and cliffs with plenty of opportunities to sprain an ankle. This is a mixed forest with pines, cedars, oaks and much more. Todays hike gave me a good opportunity to try out my new iphone 5 camera. I was quite pleased with the quality of photos even if the color seems to be a little over saturated.

IMG_0071 The river is low now. We have not had much rain in the past month.

IMG_0052 Many trees along this trail are growing straight out of granite rocks.

IMG_0057 This tree grew straight up and fused with rocks on both sides.

IMG_0062 There are lots of exposed roots along the trail.

IMG_0063 Approaching Mathers Gorge.

IMG_0074 Another tree fused to granite rocks.

IMG_0077 Mathers Gorge, with 100 foot cliffs on both sides of the river. Rock climbers prefer to climb on the Virginia side (left).

IMG_0087Harsh shadows hide the base of this pine clinging to the side of a cliff.

IMG_0093 The canal has been drained for repairs.

IMG_0103 This dry docked boat is used to port tourists. Mules on the road tow the boat up the canal.

IMG_0096A fork of the Potomac river at Great Falls.

IMG_0098 Great Falls from the Maryland side.

IMG_0102 Hey! How did that picture get in there?

A very invigorating day. If you ever get to Washington D.C. and are looking for options to the typical tourist stops I recommend a visit to Billy Goat Trail and Great Falls.

Have Fun!

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