Chinese Quince Fusion 2


We had an absolutely beautiful day last week and I needed to get started on a new project, Chinese Quince 2. You might recall I started a Chinese Quince project last year by assembling a tree with seedlings that had just sprouted. The leftover seedlings were put in pots and allowed to grow for a year. These 40 seedlings range in size from 6 inches to 3 feet tall and are now ready to be assembled.


I built a simple frame about 6 inches tall and gave it a change of direction. With my other projects the trunks look too much like a tepee and I wanted to give this trunk some movement.


I attached these seedlings at a 45 degree angle to allow easier shaping of the trunk. Attaching seedlings straight up makes it more difficult to make sharp turns.


To attach the seedlings I make a fish hook with my twist tie. I then push it through the frame and pull it back to tie two or three seedlings together. After I get the first few seedlings attached to the frame I focus on tying the seedlings together. I am trying to fuse the seedlings to each other, not the frame. The frames only purpose is to make assembly easier.


Here is the assembled tree. I used 4.5 mm wire above the frame to get some movement in the apex. This wire will be removed before it cuts into the bark. The twist ties will never be removed and will become embedded in the tree.


I put the tree in the ground next to the out of focus Chinese Quince 1 ( lower left). Notice the huge difference in size even though both trees came from the same batch of seedlings.

Update 4/4/2014

Quince2update1 These seedlings are the same age as Chinese Quince 1, the difference being I grew them in pots for 1 year before attaching them to a frame. This tree is far more developed than CQ1. The apex has fused and the seedlings have stiffened significantly, so they are now really holding themselves in place. A couple of seedlings in the front died so I replaced them. Quince2 update2 It is a lot easier to work at a bench rather than crawling on the ground, but I wanted to leave this tree undisturbed in the ground. As with CQ1 I have used grafting tape to hold the new seedlings in place and relieve pressure on the twist ties.

I am happy with the progress of this tree and expect to see considerable fusion this year.

Have fun!

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