Chinese Quince Fusion 3

Sometimes I like to color outside the lines. Let’s start a new project.

Last year a reader Bob from Vermont asked a question”Do you think I could fuse a fence to surround my property?”.

This is truly an original idea! One living tree surrounding your property. Very ambitious, but quite possible. I wanted to try this, but on a much smaller scale.

cq I had a flat of Chinese Quince seedlings with no immediate plans for their use. Chinese Quince are not the best material for fusing, they are not particularly fast growing trees and their bark hardens quickly making fusion slower, but this what I have right now.

cqbareroot I trimmed all of last years leaves, bare rooted and lined seedlings up according to size (short to tall back to short).

cqknarlyroot Chinese Quince often have very twisted tap roots that make it difficult to butt them tightly against each other. It feels like assembling a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

cq roughfinish ” I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS”

After I assembled the tree I soaked it in a B1 solution to reduce transplant shock before planting in a grow flat.

cq5 I clamped two 1X4 boards to flatten out a slight bow in the trunk and relieve stress on the twist ties when winds blow. I then wired the apex of each seedling so they were not all bunched up and to allow more sun to each individual seedling.

cq6 Maybe this should be the front view. What do you think? Is this bonsai?

Who cares, I’m having fun.

Have fun!




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