Foliar feeding

Foliar feeding is the application of liquid fertilizer sprayed onto the leaves of a tree. Water and fertilizer are absorbed through the stomata on the leaf. I like to foliar feed a few days after I repot trees since I have probably trimmed the roots significantly and it will take time for new roots to get established and begin the feeding process. We don’t want to fertilize the soil immediately after a repotting because the roots cannot absorb the fertilizer right away and will accumulate in the soil and possibly burn the tender new roots. Foliar feeding is also useful in maintaining the general health of a tree.

Kelp is an excellent choice to use for organic foliar feeding because it contains many micronutrients beneficial to the tree. I create a kelp tea by soaking leaves for a few hours and filter out the solid kelp using a coffee filter. This keeps my sprayer from clogging up. The kelp can be soaked several times for more tea before adding to your compost pile or garden. Kelp is also available as a liquid concentrate.

Spraying should be done in the cooler hours since the stomata on the leaves will close during the heat of the day to conserve water

2 Responses to “Foliar feeding”

  1. would you consider foliar feeding a newly grafted branch? (properly waxed of course)

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