What is Fusion Bonsai?









Wow! In only 3 months this tree went from bare frame to fully covered trunk. No fusion yet but this tree responded very nicely with lots of back budding.

Fusion Bonsai is a blog dedicated to the trunk fusion grafting technique used to create a large dramatically tapered tree trunk in a short time by using multiple approach grafts on seedlings attached to a frame.  As the seedlings grow and swell they fuse together to form one solid tree trunk.  Traditional growth of large trunks for use in Bonsai take many years to develop and the fusion technique can shorten the time frame considerably depending on the type of tree seedlings used.

This blog will document my projects using the trunk fusion technique.  I will try to adapt this technique to a variety of tree species and will discuss my successes and failures. I will also document other horticultural projects that I try.


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