Jules Azalea

Jules azalea1 Uncle Pete calls this tree Jules azalea after his dear friend Jules who is now deceased. Pete grew this tree from a cutting off one of Jules trees. It is about 5 years old.

Julesazalea2 I find the best time to work on azaleas is right after the blooms drop. You can prune hard and will get much better back budding at this time.

Jules azalea3 Pete wanted me to remove one or two of the three trunks and start new trees. But I found all three trunks to be crucial to the design of this tree. Azaleas stiffen quickly and I cracked the right trunk by trying to bend it a little too much. I wrapped it with grafting tape and hopefully it will live. Julesazalea4 When I repotted I noticed this great nebari buried beneath the surface so I raised it up a little to make it more visible. By this time next year Jules azalea should be full of new foliage with modest flower production. The following year it should have a full coverage of flowers.

Have fun!



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