Red Pine 2014

Redpine1 I saw this Red Pine on uncle Pete’s bench and commented to my wife Michelle that I liked it. She bought it from Pete and gifted it to me for Christmas. This Red Pine is 25 years old, grown from seed in a pot.

Redpine2 The deadwood is what caught my interest. Pete told me that he thought the tree had died but it came back with a new trunk. The deadwood is the original trunk.

Redpine3 The deadwood has nor been carved yet and could become a very interesting feature.

Redpine4 The only work I had done so far was to remove the wires and fertilize in spring. Here is the tree after removing most of the candles. I left a few candles where I wanted stronger growth.

Redpine5 I left a small candle to create a new apex.

Redpine6 Here is the tree 3 weeks after removing candles.  Lots of new buds popping. My goal here is to push back growth on the branches so they can be shortened a little and then begin the ramification process. Sometime this summer I will start to carve the deadwood.

Update 5/21/2015

Uncle Pete arranged for Ken Fujikawa to host a workshop for our club.

Red pine 1 I brought my red pine to work on. That is Ken with the hat in the background. Ken is very enthusiastic and it was fun watching him spin my tree and figure out the design possibilities. That took all of one minute.

Red pine 2 Off came the top third of the tree.

Red pine Ken After 4 hours and a couple of band aids I had created a new jin and carved the old deadwood. The branches were wired down to frame the shari. A small bud on top ( you can’t see in this picture) will become the new apex. Next year I will down size the pot.

Ken is very creative and if you have the opportunity to work with him you should jump at the chance.

Have fun!

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