Trident Maple root over rock

Stanley Chinn

Stanley Chinn has gifted several bonsai to the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum in Washington D.C..


I would not consider this Trident Maple root over rock to be his best bonsai, but it may be the most interesting example of his grafting skills. There are 5 separate trees here that are all grafted together to appear as one. There is a central tree center top and two trees on each side.


Left view.


Right view.


A close up of the roots reveal several grafts connecting all 5 of the trees.


Further up you can see both left and right tree branches are grafted to the main trunk. There are probably over a dozen grafts on this piece, branches to trunk, root to root, branches to branches and root to branches.   Needless to say, this tree took many years of development to reach it’s current state.

Have fun!

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